May 2017 Unemployment Update

Unemployment’s downward trend continued, but the news wasn’t as uniformly good as it was the first four months of the year. Following up on our coverage of April’s employment data, the May Employment Situation release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics continues the same trends we’ve seen all year.  The U-3 unemployment rate dropped by

April 2017 Unemployment Update

Unemployment improved last month, but underemployment improved even more In keeping with the trends we saw in the first three months of 2017, the April 2017 Employment Situation release shows that the labor market has continued to tighten, with the official U-3 unemployment rate dropping to 4.4%, a level last seen in 2006. January February

The High Cost of Cutting Environmental Regulations

Donald Trump’s administration is planning on drastically cutting funds to the Environmental Protection Agency. Recently leaked documents show across the board reductions of 25%, with some programs and funds being eliminated completely. This move backs up promises Trump made along the campaign trail to reduce government spending and push more of the financial responsibility towards

Recent Unemployment Trends

With the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s “Employment Situation” release for April 2017 scheduled for Friday morning, we thought a follow-up on our recent Lamppost on unemployment statistics was in order, in the form of a quick look back at some recent numbers. The BLS website has the Employment Situation releases archived back to 1994, but we’ll

Unemployment Statistics, Explained

Every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases the latest estimate of “the unemployment rate”, grabbing a few headlines and occasionally spawning confused debates.  This article should serve as a simple primer on what the unemployment rate measures, how it’s calculated, and why it matters. What is an Unemployment Rate? An unemployment rate is