There Are No Safe States

As of this weekend, there are about five weeks left until the 2020 United States General Election. President Donald Trump and his administration have been absolutely awful by just about every metric, from policy, to diplomacy, to staffing, to process, and so on, in an endless list of incompetence, malice, bigotry, and grift. And, thanks

Use Your Voice: 9 Reasons to Vote in Primaries

Election day fast approaches for some of us. No, I am not referring to the general election in November. I mean the local primary elections taking place across the country in the next month or so. Here are nine reasons to take non-presidential primaries more seriously and some resources to make primary voting easier. Voting

Breaking: Michigan Men Patriotically Protest for Larger Penises

Warning: This article contains some graphic and disturbing content. On May 14, protesters again descended on Michigan’s capitol, declaring their dissatisfaction with Michigan’s female, Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, her stay-at-home orders, and their impact on the Michigan economy. After several of these displays, including notable ones on April 15 and 30, it’s become clear that

Senate Flip Spotlight: Susan Collins

When Elizabeth Warren stepped out of the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination in the mists of pre-pandemic time (I.e. March 5), many people began posting memes about supporting her for Senate Majority Leader in 2021.  After a bit of thought the Torchlight editorial staff began discussing what that would require, so we have decided

From the Staff Lounge – Contemplating Tara Reade

Things at Torchlight have slowed down as we all burrow in under various COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place orders, but we still discuss what’s going on, and this exchange seemed worth sharing. David Spitzley, Senior Contributor So, this article is long and exceptionally smug about Democrats facing #MeToo karmic backlash, but it makes a serious case that Tara

From The Staff Lounge – Stripping Bernie For Parts

So, we talk about a lot of stuff in the luxurious Torchlight offices, and occasionally between gulps of filtered water and saltines something interesting bubbles up, and we decided to share them with you.  Enjoy. David Spitzley, Senior Contributor Wow, this is solid –  Joe Biden Is Winning The Primary But Losing His Party’s Future

Roundtable – State of the Primaries

The Roundtable is Torchlight staff’s discussion of news and events. The text has been lightly edited for clarity, and some links may have been added after the fact. This conversation happened on February 9, 2020. Josh Kyu Saiewitz, Senior Managing EditorHello and welcome to another Roundtable, our recurring feature where Torchlight staff gives their perspective

Roundtable – Whatever’s Going On With Iran

The Roundtable is Torchlight staff’s discussion of news and events. The text has been lightly edited for clarity, and some links may have been added after the fact. This conversation happened on January 12, 2020. Josh Kyu Saiewitz, Senior Managing Editor Hello and welcome to a whole new decade of Torchlight Roundtables, the semi-regular feature

Cards for Debbie – Turning Rage to Love

On the night of his impeachment, Trump appeared at a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, an expected swing state for the 2020 election. In offhand remarks, he went low, even by his standards, and suggested that late Congressman John Dingell of Michigan was in Hell. John’s widow Debbie Dingell has held her husband’s former seat

2020 Democratic Candidates on Fixing Our Democracy

Even though the focus of a lot of political reform proposals are the results of the election three years ago, our democratic institutions have been under threat for a long time. Each branch of our government has been under pressure, from Mitch McConnell’s undermining of the Supreme Court, to Congress’s accelerating use of the filibuster,