How the Oscars Got It Wrong*

The lead characters of the Green Book looking back from a rearview mirror

* Or what the Oscars shows us about the insufferable self-congratulatory white people who desperately want credit for fighting bigotry without actually doing anything in any meaningful way whatsoever One thinks of how interesting it must be to be Donald Trump, the only president I can recall of who had not just one, but two

Two Years On: The Trump Administration’s Erosion of LGBT+ Protections

I had hoped we wouldn’t be here. I cried all night long when Trump won on Election Night two years ago, and one of the tools with which I clawed my way out of despair was the belief that this country was too good to allow this. “Surely, this is a mistake,” I told myself.

The Joke’s on the GOP

An infamously raunchy joke goes something like this: a person goes into a talent agent’s office and tries to sell a pitch about their act, which is described as an increasingly deranged, offensive, and vile series of thoroughly-depraved behaviors. After all this, the agent responds with, “Well, what do you call this act?” “The Aristocrats!”

The Order of Regression

This morning, Representative Al Green (D-Texas)(wow, they do exist) took to the House floor and voiced his belief that President Donald Trump has defrauded, grifted, swindled, bamboozled, and embarrassed the United States enough to warrant his removal, and called for his being relieved of duty; whoever had “4 months or less” in the “How long

Caitlyn Jenner and the High Cost of Privilege

Caitlyn Jenner is possibly the most harmful personality in the culture war for LGBT rights, acceptance, and visibility . . . period. Last week, the avowed Republican stopped in Washington, D.C., to speak with Vice President Mike Pence whilst on tour promoting her tell-all memoir, the titillatingly-named, The Secrets of My Life, the title of

This Is What Genocide Looks Like

“If such people existed in Chechnya, law enforcement would not have to worry about them since their own relatives would have sent them to where they could never return.” -Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov A young man, maybe mid-twenties, stumbles home late into the morning hours after a long night of revelry at what the news

Hijacking Civil Unrest for Fun and Profit

Pepsi’s having rough week, eh? Maybe you haven’t seen the now-infamous ad that Pepsi, like a naive veterinary student, released unwittingly into the wild only to watch it be bloodily torn apart by the ravenous native fauna. Let me sum it up: millennial stereotypes live their hip urban lives millennial-ly, maintaining their progressive street cred

Liberty’s Swinging Fist

Posterity asserts that John B. Finch, a Prohibition activist from Iowa, will be credited with the aphorism that has been whittled down to the more concise federalist argument, “The right to swing your fist stops where another person’s face starts.” The original phrasing was much longer, but of course that was in 1882, when no

Being Queer is a Pre-Existing Condition

A Look at the State of Insurance for LGBT People We’re still working on figuring out the neuroscience of being queer. The scientific community doesn’t know conclusively what makes a person attracted to the same sex, or what makes a person asexual, or why someone would feel out of place in their own body–but they’re